About Us
Critical Silver, LLC is a game server network dedicated to bringing the biggest and best modded Minecraft content to a multiplayer audience.
We specialize in high-quality, high-performance servers and work from a wealth of previous knowledge in both programming and gaming environments.
Through custom fixes, community inspired content, and innovative anticheat technology we place our servers far beyond the competition on and off Technic.
Critical Silver is an active community. We have welcomed over 250,000 unique players since opening (about 16,000 per server per three months). Thousands of which still call themselves members of our network today. Our website is nearing 6,000 registered members and our Discord has passed 4,500 users. Don't miss out on the best Minecraft servers available and join today!
Our Modpacks & Servers
Our legacy (unsupported) packs can be found here: here, here
We want to make communicating with us as fast and convenient as possible. That is why we host all of our out-of-game communications through Discord.
Our Discord community is lively and fun while also holding all of what you need to get back into the game. Whether you're experiencing an unfortunate bug or wish to appeal a ban, we have you covered with well formatted help channels.
Never be away from your friends again. You can send messages to our servers from Discord using our "ingame" chat relay channels. Link your Minecraft account with our bots to synchronize your roles as well.