Not too long ago, FTAM gained a huge step above cheaters with Reaper. Reaper is an automated anticheat built around banning people for any kind of defined infraction in 5 seconds or less upon their login. Reaper can see xray, clients, and texturepacks with ease and has placed the whole CriticalSilver Network above both cheaters and other servers with its ability to enforce fair and equal play with 100% accuracy.

As of the time of this post FTAM is about to reset finishing off its period with 1001 bans where 634 are from Reaper. That is around 1/26 people banned for cheating infractions.

Arcane is not far behind in that ratio with 389 bans where 121 are from Reaper. That is around 1/32 people banned for both cheating and griefing.

No other server can boast such a record and we hope to remain the most fair network on Technic.