Downtime on FTAM

[Staff] Silver posted Apr 13, 17

Earlier today there was a 3 hour downtime on the Flans Tech and More server. This has been noted and will be investigated. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Everyone is unbanned, that is all.

First of all, let me say that you should probably read this because I will be quite grouchy when people make me repeat myself.

To kick off the fun of resets, I will start by saying nothing but the amount of items and bases in the world will change. All items and structures will be wiped because that is what reset means. There will, however, be no new significant content. The purpose of this reset is simply to give players another chance to move through the modpack content at a competitive rate.

When will this reset happen? We will hopefully do it by Friday afternoon (Central US Time) at about 6-8.

What stuff do you keep? Donor rewards will be re-applied but no items will be kept outside the rewarded items. Key rewards will be deleted and keys will be given back to players.

Why no new content? There are no new FTAM worthy mods in the 1.7.10 version of Minecraft and not all required mods have updated yet.

Why so soon? Because people have been asking for a reset for about a month and we are behind schedule with this longer-than-usual 3 month period.

Will there be a new spawn? Yes there will be a new spawn...

So one may wonder how anyone could possibly improve such a perfect pack like this but we have made some changes we hope steer the modpack to put the Flans back in Flans Tech and More.

We have been listening to your complaints despite the bad reputation we have been getting and are changing quite a bit based on what we think the community wants.

PvP Changes

Let me explain what the first sentence means by first announcing that Flan's Mod guns will be buffed (relative to the rest of the weapons) and Tinker's Construct will be rebalanced to focus on mining materials. We are keeping cleavers and rapiers will remain banned but quartz modifiers will be disabled. This will force players to use TiCon weapons as specialized versions of the vanilla ones instead of completely buffed versions therefore making Flan's guns more powerful in comparison. Do not worry about the length of PvP as some have stated because Machetemen guns (the good looking ones) will be nerfed to be equivalent to jamioflan's own Modern Warfare guns (the not-so good looking ones) so the PvP will be much like that of normal Flans servers for those who have played them. Do not worry, everything will be tested. In addition, Simply Jetpacks will be removed (see Mod Removals for info) and Obsidian Armor from Mekanism will be banned to allow bullet damage (because of an odd bug with damage calculations).

Mod Removals

Although normally spoken of as a bad thing, mod removals are a great way for us to bring you better performance and balance and are neccessary for this update. Below is a list of mods on the way out of FTAM.

  • Extra Utilities
  • Simply Jetpacks (Yes, really!) See Donation Info below for info on Resonant Jetpack purchases
  • Reliquary

Now, I am sure a lot of you saw that list with angered eyes but please hear us out. First off, I have been hinting that a mod has been confirmed to cause the majority of server issues. The mod in blame has been Extra Utilities but until a proper update it has been too ingrained in the current world with Bedrockium being so prominent to actually remove. To clarify, Extra Utilities is being removed because of severe performance issues. Next off in the scheme of things we have Simply Jetpacks. The removal of this has been a highly contested discussion amongst the community however we believe that it is best for the PvP scenario that it be removed to keep people on the ground and help with bullet detection for Flans. Reliquary is being removed as well and I do not anticipate much unrest from that descision. For the amount of items it adds, many of Reliquary's features are banned and the mod itself is rarely used by players.

Mod Additions

There will be a lot of additions this update smile and we hope that you enjoy every single one of these mods. Below are a list of mods being added.

Client Mods

  • Screenshot Uploader
  • WAILA Harvestability
  • World Tooltip

Server Mods

  • Better Builder's Wands
  • Biomes O' Plenty
  • Description Tags
  • Dragon's Radio
  • Ender Tech (Re-Added)
  • Open Mods Lib
  • Open Peripherals
  • Open Peripherals Addons
  • Open Peripherals Integration
  • Practical Logistics

Unlike the last two updates the additions outweigh the removals in number and will bring about a new feel to Flans Tech and More. Screenshot Uploader will help you share screenshots with your friends faster, WAILA will help you see the items around you (and WAWLA), and World Tooltip, a really cool mod, will show you WAILA's information about an item on the ground when you look at it. The server mods are where the gameplay changes come in. You can thank Tyzo for Open Peripherals after he called ComputerCraft useless without it. This mod will add capabilities for ComputerCraft and other machines around the world. Better Builder's Wands will replace Extra Utilities' builder's wands to ease all of your pains and improve building. Biomes O' Plenty will enrich the world with new blocks, trees, biomes, and plant-life. Description tags will let you add lore, descriptions, and kill counters to your favorite weapons. Dragon's Radio will let you use a block to stream internet radio streams into the game for you and your faction to hear. EnderTech will be re-added to enable charge-pads that work in under 5 years and healing pads for end-game users. Practical Logistics will change the way you display data with holographic displays and futuristic boards.

Donation Info

All donation ranks and rewards will transfer as usual. Key rewards will not be returned but the keys themselves will be re-awarded so you can try again. Store credit equal to $4 will be awarded for each Simply Jetpacks Resonant Jetpack you bought but you must have an enjin account and you must contact an admin to manually award this to you.

Please use this thread to calmly and neutrally express what you believe is the correct way for FTAM PvP to be.


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